Our Service
Web Development / Web Marketing
We have been engaged in web development and marketing in various industries.
We build websites with effective SEO in order to match the respective demands of the Japanese market.
By combining this with our unique translation service, the websites become more effective by using correct, professional Japanese.
In addition to web development, we also support operations of social media including listing, Facebook, Instagram etc.
Translation (English, Chinese, Korean)
■ Translation of technical terms accurately
Translations that include technical terms are very difficult to do for companies that use outsourced translators. As a result, not all companies are able to translate adequately to your needs.
We offer translation services to companies that are concerned about quality or have only recently started considering translation.
By keeping your business's goals close to mind, we have established an efficient system for translating. As a result, we can translate at a lower cost than traditional translation services without compromising quality.
 <Compatible industry>
Pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical equipment, precision equipment, IT, computer, information communication, manufacturing industry, industrial product, environment, energy, travel etc.
■ Correspond to both website and catalog
Our service corresponds to the translation of both the website and catalog.
We create beautiful and effective texts such using natural expressions that resonate with Japanese natives. By making accurate sentences once, you will be able to use the words in other materials in the future.
If you are interested, please feel free to contact us via the inquiry form.
We would like to know if you can send us information on your website, catalog contents and so on.
Japan Advancement Consulting
We provide total support in regard to your company's Japanese market expansion; from building strategies to introducing distributors and sales activities.
If your company is in the process of consideration, we will provide information according to Japanese business practices such as market research, competitive analysis, and examinations of business model proposals.