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Shota Kikuoka
Founder & CEO

Born in 1987.
Shota took part in a 1-year study abroad program at The College of William and Mary in USA and graduated from Kanazawa University in 2011.
His first job upon graduation was at Sony Global Solutions Inc. where he worked on VAIO's global supply chain management.
His next endeavour was in a firm called Loco Partners Inc., which runs the booking website "Relux" of selected hotels and ryokans, as a sales manager.
Work Capital Inc. was founded in June 2017.
My vision has always been to increase the number of companies that are challenging overseas markets, and to enable their global businesses to operate smoothly.
We empower small companies and venture companies to do their global business. At the same time, we support foreign companies entering the Japanese market.
Thanks to all of our clients, we have a lot of consultation requests every day and the business has been evolving day by day.  
Even if it is not a big company, overseas opportunities are presented to all companies without having to depend on trading companies. We would like to contribute to the revitalization of this society by increasing the number of global companies.

In regard to our business content, specifically, we are currently engaged in three business domains: "Web Development / Web Marketing" which acts as a base of information, "Translation Business" which is utterly essential for information dissemination and "Japanese advancement consulting".
We plan to offer a greater support system together with domestic and foreign partners in the near future such as customs and legal services, sales support through agency networks, and the construction of sales systems by utilizing e-commerce sites.

Currently, at the first step of our business, we are particularly focused on Korea, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.
Our next step is to expand to Singapore and mainland China. Then, we will move onto North America and Europe. We will create an environment that truly enables small companies to do global business smoothly.
Currently, we are promoting overseas businesses of various companies such as manufacturers, trading companies, hotels and ryokan (Japanese-inns) with multinational staff from the US, UK, Taiwan, Korea, including Japanese developers and designers.

I studied in the US around 2010 where I realized just how intimately the world is connected.
It was a successful experience which I gained by courageously trying what I considered to be a little challenge. And then the next challenge will be born from that experience. We made our mission to increase such positive loops, and it may sound contrived, but we truly defined our happiness as the feeling we get when we make our clients happy.
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