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Work Capital Inc.

Assisting Your Business Expansion in Japan

Here at Work Capital Inc., we truly understand the impact of knowledge, experience, and relationship building when you choose to expand your business internationally. We become your partner and assist you with planning and executing the business expansion in Japan.
Work Capital Inc. offers comprehensive inbound support services for international companies looking to establishing a business presence in Japan. We support all areas that are relevant to your business expansion by conducting local market analyisis, proposing market entry strategies, and excuting the business plan.




Strong Execution

We’re a consulting firm based in Tokyo but we place the highest priority on execution at the same time. Therefore, our work goes beyond market research and business model proposals. We’re committed to the success of our customers as a partner responsible for the business in Japan.


Digital Marketing

It is essential to incorporate digital strategies into management. We have been supported the digitization o many companies, and have achieved great results at a low cost by making effective use of the web.Based on the rich experience, we take the strategy that best fits the Japanese market.


Support for Small Businesses

Starting a business in Japan is not just for big companies. Even a small company with a few employees can expand into Japan with our support.
We accept not only fixed fees but also fee system according to results depending on the business model.


We support all the patterns A to C below.
[A] Without setting up a company in Japan
For small businesses that do not even have a company in Japan, or for businesses that export goods/services from your own country.
We can start a business quickly after a market research and business plan fixation.

[B] Setting up a company in Japan
We do everything needed to start a company in Japan including labor market environment research and taxation research.

[C] Conducting M&A
Please contact us if you are considering M&A.  
We’ll find companies that match to your business the most from our reliable network of banks and accountants.
In particular, we have a strong connection with tourism.  So you’ll be able to acquire hotels and ryokans with lower acquisition prices because of pandemic of coronavirus.


Phase 1

Feasibility of international expansion and development of an entry strategy

Phase 2

Preparation for international expansion - Development of a business plan, operational design and tax strategy

Phase 3

Establishment of operating systems

Phase 4

Operation after start-up

Phase 5

Further business expansion and optimization for improving business/cost efficiency


We have supported a fertility clinic in Taiwan since January in 2019.
Within 1 year, the clinic has become the most popular fertility clinic in Taiwan among Japanese.
It already recorded USD 1,000,000 sales from Japanese customers in 2019, and was awarded as No.1 international clinic because the success in Japanese market was highly evaluated.

CEO Profile

Founder & CEO Shota Kikuoka
After working at Sony Group, Shota Kikuoka joined a startup Loco Partners Inc. as its 9th employee. He lead the sales department as a manager and contributed to the growth of booking site Relux.  After Loco Partners was successfully acquired by KDDI that is ranked as 8th of market capitalization in Japan, he established Work Capital Inc. in Tokyo.
He graduated from the department of biology, Kanazawa University and experienced 1 year exchange program at the College of William and Mary in USA.



Company Name: Work Capital Inc.

Address: 4F TN Gotenyama Bldg., 5-11-1 Kita-Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, 1410001, JAPAN

Phone: +81-3-64447-7825

Establishment: June 13rd, 2017

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